Academic Presentations:

Photo by Lies Bruines


“Taking Context from Transaction to Interaction” Cog Sci Society meeting in Sydney, July 26-29th 2023


Scaffolding Agency and Attention, Macquarie University, April 28th 2023

CHAIN Winter School on Minimal Agency, Hokkaido University, Feb 6-10th, 2023 (invited lecturer)

“Agency and Interaction in Minimal Systems” Australasian Postgrad Philosophy Conference (APPC), November 20, 2021 (invited keynote)

“Regarding Perspectives: Bridging Feminist Theory and Enactivism” ENSO Seminar Series, February 2021 (invited)

“Agency: A Multi-scale Proposal” Australasian Association of Philosophy, July 2019 (Minimal Cognition stream – convener)

“An Enactive Understanding of the Epistemic Value of Diversity” 49th Annual California State Fullerton Philosophy Symposium (theme: The Diversity Question in Feminist Philosophy of Science), April 2019 (invited)

“Why We Need Feminist Philosophies of E-Cognition” E-Approaches to Social Difference and Disparity Conference, UOW, March 2019 (organizer)

“Seeing the Social: Sociocultural Specialization and Affordance Perception” (with Miguel Segundo-Ortin), Australasian Society for Philosophy and Psychology, December 2018 (refereed)

“Situated Understanding and the Epistemic Value of Diversity” Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science, November 2017 (invited)

“Robots, Representation, and Responsibility” panel with Prof. Rob Sparrow and Dr. Sarah Sorial, Social Robotics Workshop, August 2017 (invited)

“The Extensive Reach of Gender: Agency and Interaction” University of Adelaide, Australasian Association of Philosophy annual conference, Postgraduate Presentation Prize short-list, 2017 (refereed)

“Gender in Minimal and Narrative Senses of Agency” University of Riverside Postgraduate Conference on the Philosophy of Agency, June 2017 (refereed)

“Narrative Co-Authoring, Content, and Cultural Humility in Narrative Therapy” Workshop: Narrative Therapy and Cultural Affordances, November 2016 (with Jarrah Auborg) (invited)

“Grounding Feminist Philosophy: ‘What it is’ and ‘What we know’” Wollongong Feminist Society, September 2016 (invited)

“Epistemic Diversity and Gender Neutrality: On the Possibility of Embodiment Without Essentialism” Ways of Knowing: Feminist Philosophy of Science and Epistemology, Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland, November 2015 (refereed)

Service Presentations:

“Why does perspective matter?: Situations and Standpoints” University of Wollongong, Minorities and Philosophy Seminar, April 2018

“Animal Ethics Workshop” University of Wollongong Philosophy Training Retreat, Bundanoon, November 2017

“Climate Change Now!: Supporting Women in Philosophy” University of Wollongong Philosophy Forum, April 2017

“Toward a Feminist Philosophy of E-Cognition” University of Wollongong Philosophy Department Work-In-Progress Session, October 2016

“Current Topics in Feminist Philosophy of Science” University of Wollongong Philosophy Forum, August 2016

Commencement Address, Philosophy Graduation Ceremony, CSU Fullerton, 2014