picture of the author in a forest

Department of Philosophy, University of Adelaide

I am an independent scholar proudly affiliated with the University of Adelaide. My day job involves working with non-profit organisations as a researcher-for-hire specialising in philosophy and curriculum development. I also train volunteer teachers and revise curriculums for the Primary Ethics program. 

I specialise in general philosophy of science, cognitive science, cognitive biology, and feminist theory. Currently, I’m pursuing several projects on agency, minimal cognition, and inter-scale dynamics. 

Much of my previous research has been at the crossroads of enactive and embodied cognition and feminist philosophy of science, looking at the relationship between gender and cognition (e.g. Brancazio 2020, Brancazio 2022). I still work in this area, though as an enactivism-friendly pluralist. Some of my most recent work has been critical of enactivism as a research paradigm, and argues that enactivism should instead be thought of as a philosophy of nature (Meyer and Brancazio 2022). 

In 2022, I was a PERL Fellow (Prioritizing Emerging Research Leaders grant recipient) at the University of Wollongong in Australia. Before that, I was a Research Associate working on the Templeton World Charity Foundation grant “Intelligence and Agency on Multiple Scales” (AIMS). I’ve lived in Australia for seven years, and am originally from California. My pronouns are she/they. 

I have been involved in anti-racist, LGBTQ+, and non-human animal advocacy, activism, and community organising outside of the university for over twenty years, which influence my research and approach. My service page shows some of the ways I have been involved in promoting marginalised issues and inclusivity within academia.

Transphobia is bigotry, plain and simple, and has no place in academia or anywhere else.